1954 “Mokranjac” Music School in Belgrade – Piano Degree
1957 Law degree from the Belgrade University Law School
1957-1962 Law Practice – Belgrade
1963 B.A. in Political Science from UCLA
Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)
American Film Marketing Association (AFMA)
Arbitration Association of America (AAA)
Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)
American Society of Composers and Publishers (ASCAP)
Participated in Junior Tennis Wimbledon semi-finals 1948
Junior Champion of Yugoslavia 1948-1949
Member National Davis Cup Team for 11 years
Wimbledon ¼ finals in doubles, 1958
National Champion of Yugoslavia 1958-1959
1966 Owner and Founder of Noble Productions, Inc. in California
- a film Production and Distribution Company)



1966 Associate Producer Brown Eye, Evil Eye (Hugh Griffith)
1967 Producer Bomb at 10:10 (George Montgomery, Phil Brown)
1968 Associate Producer Curse of the Faithful Wife (Alan Hale)
1969 Producer-Writer for Walter Reade Organization Operation Cross Eagles (Richard Conte, Rory Calhoun)
1970 Associate Producer Togetherness (George Hamilton, Peter Lawford)
1972 U.S. Yugoslav Coordinator Skalawag (Kirk Douglas, Mark Lester)
1973 Producer-Writer Last Train to Berlin (Ty Hardin, Stathis Giallelis)
1977 Producer Hell River (Rod Taylor, Adam West, Xenia Gratsos)
1978 Producer Cruise Missile (Peter Graves, Curt Jurgens, Michael Dante, John Carradine)
1981 Producer Day of the Assassin (Chuck Connors, Glenn Ford, Henry Silva, Richard Roundree)
1986 Producer Dirty Rebel (Roy McNeil, Burt Starger)
1988 Producer-Writer of US-USSR coproduction Wildwind (Jay North, George Montgomery, Albert Paulsen)
1989 Producer-Co-Writer Massacre at Noon (Drago Gidra, Mich Baloh)
1996 Director-Producer-Writer Last Nazi at Large (Gary Swanson, Albert Paulsen)
1990 Director-Producer Ransom in Blood (Movies for Television)
1995 Dervishes (Documentary)

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