October 1 – 10, 2011


The following “Presenting Sponsor” proposal is designed exclusively for the $1,000.000.- sponsor of the film festival. This sponsorship package is unique and includes film festival opportunities not offered to other sponsors, members of the film industry, journalists/reporters or attending guests.Upon review and consideration of this sponsorship, the management and sponsorship teams of Belgrade 2009: Grand International Film Festival welcome the opportunity to discuss any and all aspects of this sponsorship proposal.The following benefit package will be made available to the “Presenting or Title Sponsor” of the festival.

Publicity and Promotions:
1. “Presenting Sponsor” or the “Title Sponsor” will be included in all international press releases. The media list will include all the industry trade magazines and newspapers, as well as sponsoring internet sites.
2. “Presenting Sponsor” will be included as the official, exclusive “Presenting Sponsor” on all sponsoring Internet web sites which will also include an exclusive feature story about the sponsor.
3. All television and radio coverage will feature the “Presenting Sponsor” as the exclusive “Presenting Sponsor”.
4. All printed marketing and promotional materials along with billboards will feature all around the world the “Presenting Sponsor”.
5. The “Presenting Sponsor” will receive a full page, 4-color advertisement in the official souvenir program.
6. The “Presenting Sponsor” will be listed on all merchandise sales.
7. The ”Presenting Sponsor” will be listed on all official film guide schedules.
8. The “Presenting Sponsor” will be listed as the official “Presenting Sponsor” at all theater locations and theater marquees.
9. The official credential badges for the media, film industry, sponsors, VIP’s, staff and volunteers will have ”Presenting Sponsor’s” or the “Title Spopnsor’s” name printed on the badges.
10. The “Presenting Sponsor” will be introduced at the Opening Night and Closing Night Premieres.
11. One –year exposure at other world film festivals and events.
12. An exposure in a variety of festival programs.
13. An involvement with international businesses that can bring revenue into local community.
14. The name of Belgrade in the official title of the festival offers a value-added, brand marketing exposure, otherwise never available exposure that cannot be purchased at all.

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