Something not to forget...
by Mira Panajotovic Vukelich
It is not what we have been doing for our youngsters but what we have not been doing for them that brought the student test scores to an all - time low.
A reversal of student heartbeats in grades K - 12 calls for reversed teaching strategies
I will never underestimate any child by not taking him/her as far as he/she can go, nor will I ever overestimate a child, by not equipping him or her with knowledge that this child is entitled to get.
Speak your learners’ language and teach them what they don’t know and what they ought to know…
There is no reason for the simplest (English grammar) of all world grammars to harass a nation, to discourage our young ones from furthering their education, from preparing for their careers, from reaching their goals.
For a most effective learning of the finer points of expression that cannot be acquired through reading or writing to take place, allow the EFFECTIVE ENGLISH BASICS strategy to work for you in order to demonstrate in a fun-filled and speed of light way, to you as well as them, the awakening of you students’ dormant knowledge.
By strengthening learners’ language proficiency across the curriculum, we will be able to improve their test scores…
What a learner needs is wings, so he/she can fly away on their own into the world we expect them to shape…
Effective teaching adjusts to the changing times and is in step with people’s needs…
Strategies must be simple and to the point in order to address the world of individual differences effectively…
Any fun filled and speed of light learning that answers learners’ needs is timeless…
English basics that cannot be acquired through reading and writing must be taught directly, so students can further their education and/or prepare for their future careers…
English conventions (grammar), like any other language skill (reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary, phonics) cannot be taught in isolation because there is an inalienable dependency of all those language skills upon one another…
Great thinkers on education...
R.W. Emerson: “An educator is the person who can make difficult things sound easy…”
Alfred Tennyson: “A small vessel on fine lines is likely to float further than the great raft…”
H.D. Thoreau: “Our life is frittered away with detail. . . Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say, let your affairs be like two and three...”
C.H Greenwalt: “Our problem is to keep alive the powerful stimulant of individual thought at all levels and in every phase of our effort… Unless we do this, we run the risk pf making a displaced person out of the man with big ideas...”
R.W. Emerson: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us...”
R.W. Emerson: “All are needed by each one, nothing is fair or good alone...”
Madeline Hunter: “All artistry begins with a basic recipe — the white sauce which calls for liquid, thickener, seasoning, heat…The teacher never forgets that he is a cook. It’s up to the individual teacher to leave out or add some salt, to cook her lesson longer or not as long...”
Madeline Hunter: “The evidence of what’s right and what’s wrong contains lots of surprises...”
Madeline Hunter: “For years, teachers, politicians, and social workers have blamed low learning levels on everything from the bleak environment of the ghetto to broken homes, to substandard IQ’s, to malnutrition, to poverty in general...”
Madeline Hunter: “By changing nothing but the ability of the teacher to teach, we can bring about a more dramatic change in the success of a child in learning, than through the manipulation of any other factor in his or her environment. We have yet to find a student who won’t learn...”
Mahatma Gandhi: “I always felt that the true textbook for a pupil is the teacher...”
Anatole France: “The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards…”
Marilyn Monroe: “I can’t memorize the words by themselves, I have to memorize their feelings...”
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